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  Pet Licenses
  All dogs and cats must be licensed annually with the City of West Jordan to a person 18 years of age or older. Proof of current rabies vaccination by a licensed veterinarian and proof of spay or neuter is required. A pet license needs to be obtained within 30 days when any of the following events occur:

  1. A dog or cat reaches the age of four months.
  2. A current resident has acquired a new dog or cat.
  3. A new resident with pets has moved to West Jordan.
Each residential address is limited to four dogs and/or a reasonable number of cats (meaning that all animals are well taken care of and restrained to the property). The pets must wear their tags at all times on a collar or harness. If the tags are lost or destroyed, replacement tags can be obtained at City Hall or at the Animal Shelter for $1.00 each.   

Licensing renewals are sent out by January 15th each year, and new licenses need to be obtained by the last day of February that same year. If the license fee is not paid by the last day of February, an additional late fee of $15.00 per animal will be charged. No refunds shall be made on any license fee for any reason.

Senior Discount
Senior residents (60+ years) may qualify for discounts to license their pets as detailed in the schedule below. Seniors qualifying for the one-time fee must still register their pet and obtain a new animal license tag each year following the one-time payment (this is at no cost). 

Pet Licensing Fees

Annual Fees


Neutered/Spayed Pet:

$8.00 per animal

Non-Neutered/Spayed Pet:

$30.00 per animal

Replacement Tags:

$1.00 each

Late Fee:

$15.00 each

Senior Citizens


A person 60+ years, upon proof of age, may obtain a license for the below discounted fees.

Neutered/Spayed Pet:

$10.00 per animal, one-time fee

Non-Neutered/Spayed Pet:

$8.00 per animal per year

Renewals are mailed in January

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of licensing your pet?
Lost dogs and cats can be easily identified. Even indoor pets can benefit because any animal can escape due to unforeseen circumstances. Licenses can be traced 24 hours a day, seven days a week, unlike rabies tags. Animal Control Officers can also return found pets that are wearing tags to their homes without having to bring them to the animal shelter. 

What if I don’t license my dog or cat?
Licensing is REQUIRED by law (City ordinance 14-4-102). Failure to license your pet is a class B misdemeanor and may result in a fine of up to $1,000. 

What is the purpose of licensing?
Licensing is used not only for identification purposes, but also to ensure that all pets in our community are vaccinated for rabies. Rabies outbreaks have been nearly eliminated in the United States due to increased rabies vaccination regulations from licensing. The fees from licensing also provide a necessary revenue base for Animal Control to serve and protect the residents of the City of West Jordan.

At what age does my pet need to be licensed?
The license needs to be obtained within 30 days of the dog or cat reaching the age of four months (City ordinance 14-2-101).  

How much does a license cost?
Please see the schedule above. 

Where can I purchase a new license?
You can mail your renewal notice or go to City Hall or the Animal Shelter.

What if I would like to keep pigeons or chickens?
You will need to fill out the Fowl-Keeping Application below. You are allowed to keep up to 100 pigeons (including squab), and up to five egg laying hens and five chicks. The fee for the fowl-keeping permit is $50 for three years. Additional requirements can be found in the West Jordan Municipal Code Title 6, Chapter 3.

Fowl Keeping Application

West Jordan City Hall
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West Jordan
, UT 84088

West Jordan Animal Shelter
5982 W. New Bingham Hwy.
West Jordan
, UT 84088

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