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Call for Committee Volunteers 
Residents can serve as non-voting members to any of the city's committees except the Board of Adjustment, Planning Commission and Design Review Committee.  Those who serve on these boards and committees have an opportunity to get involved in the city and get an inside look into how the city operates.

Residents are also involved in other civic organizations that influence and benefit the community. Those organizations are separate from the city and include the West Jordan Sister City Foundation, Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, Exchange Club, Lion's Club, Rotary International, and others.

Residents interested in serving on the city's committees are invited to submit a Committee Volunteer Interest Form to
the following address:

Heather Everett
City of West Jordan
8000 S. Redwood Rd.
West Jordan, UT  84088

Phone: 801-569-5100

The Arts Council (up to 13 voting members) provides programs and activities that encourage the promotion of art and cultural events and activities in the community. This Council is over Theater Arts, Literary Arts, Visual Arts, West Jordan Symphony, City Band and Mountain West Chorale.) This committee generally meets the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Voting members are appointed for three-year terms. (City Council appointments)

The Board of Adjustment
(five member board) meets if needed on the last Wednesday of the month. This Board is responsible for considering whether or not variances to the zoning ordinance should be granted because of hardship conditions. Members of the Board are appointed to five-year terms. (City Manager appointments  one position open)

Design Review Committee (nine voting members) The duties include review and recommendations related to site design standards of a Site Plan, Development Plan and/or installation alternatives and architectural materials for design-related development requirements. The committee shall ensure that the proposed development meets the minimum development standards. They will provide modifications to site design criteria, architectural standards and landscape requirements,  and review and recommend modifications to the existing site design or architectural and signage for projects located within a Planned Development Zone, City Center Zone, West Side Planning Area and/or Transit Station Overlay District. (City Council appointments)

The West Jordan Events Committee (nine voting members) advises the City Council with respect to special events and is currently tasked with organizing motor sports events, including an endurocross, rock crawler rampage, and a demolition derby. Committee members advance and execute city-sponsored or city-endorsed events.   

The Healthy West Jordan Committee
(nine voting members) implements goals to ensure West Jordan is a city in which each resident can live a healthy, productive life in a clean, healthy and safe environment. The Committee generally meets on the second Thursday of each month at 5 p.m. Voting members are appointed to three-year terms. (City Council appointments  one position open)

Historic Preservation Commission (five to 15 voting members)
The City is seeking interested professionals to serve on a newly established Historic Preservation Commission. The duties of this commission are: 

1.     Survey and Inventory Community Historic Resources
2.     Review Proposed Nominations to the National Register of Historic Places
3.     Provide Advice and Information
4.     Maintenance and Rehabilitation
5.     Financial Aid and Grants
6.     Enforcement of State Historic Preservation Laws
7.     West Jordan Historic Sites List

To the extent available in the community, at least two members shall be professionals from the disciplines of history, archaeology, planning, architecture, architectural history or have competent knowledge of historic preservation.  Each member shall be 21 years of age or older. (Positions open)

The Parks & Open Land Committee (nine voting members) whose objectives the next few years will be to acquire development rights and review site plans of key open land parcels and parks. Duties include recommending Parks Capital Improvement Plan, review and comment on Master Plan and acquisitions, urban forestry, landscaping, open space preservation and maintenance program. Voting members are appointed to three-year terms. (City Council appointments  one position open)

Planning Commission (seven member commission) generally meets on the first and third Tuesdays of each month to make recommendations to the City Council regarding annexations and zone changes, commercial development plans, subdivision plans, and various other development and planning activities. Members of the Commission are appointed to three-year terms. (City Council appointments)

The Sustainability Committee
(nine member board)is responsible for recommending and implementing solutions to reduce environmental impact and costs related to energy, water, wastewater, storm water, solid waste, green waste, recycling, fleet, fuel, air quality, property maintenance or any other area related to environmental sustainability. Voting members are appointed to three-year terms. (City Council appointments)

Western Stampede Committee (seven voting members) helps with the annual PRCA Rodeo, Royalty and other activities designated by the City Council. Preference for appointments will be given to those with the special qualifications needed to perform the duties of the committee. (City Council appointments) Volunteers are also needed to help with the parade. Stampede Volunteer Flyer

Youth Committee (up to seven voting members) The Youth Committee serves as an advisory and planning group to the City Council and helps coordinate programs that serve the needs and interests of the youth of the city. Committee members must be 18 or older. This committee will oversee several subcommittees. Committee members will interact with the City Council and city staff and develop a better understanding of the role of municipal government and how to address the varied interests of the citizens. (City Council appointments – positions open)

Volunteer Handbook 

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