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  Crime Prevention
  Crime Prevention is more than locks and hardware. It's a way of life. It's you becoming aware and involved. We need you to be the eyes and ears of the police department. The West Jordan Police Department Crime Prevention Unit provides training to neighborhoods, businesses, civic groups, church groups and individuals on how to avoid becoming a victim of crime. We want to partner with you to reduce crime and the fear of crime in your community.

The West Jordan Police Department is committed to providing our community with the finest police services possible. With the combined effort of West Jordan residents, business owners, apartment managers, and the police department, we can continue to make our community a safe and comfortable place to live and work.

The following are just some of the programs offered by the West Jordan Police Department Crime Prevention Unit. If you would like to schedule training or need additional information on any of these trainings, please contact: 
Christie Jacobs at 801-256-2032 or email
Barbara Tatangelo at 801-256-2033 or email
Business Watch
West Jordan Business Watch is sponsored by West Jordan Police Department and the West Jordan Chamber of Commerce to increase awareness of criminal activity affecting the West Jordan business community. It provides an avenue to receive crime prevention training available from the West Jordan Police Department. Business Watch is a free benefit to West Jordan businesses. The benefits of the Business Watch Program include: improved public relations, improved communication between businesses and the police department, improved safety of customers and employees, increased profits as losses due to shoplifting and theft are reduced, quarterly training seminars for members businesses, information sharing between member businesses, and general reduction in West Jordan criminal activity as citizens become aware of business unity.

Stuffed Animals
The Police Department is stuffed to overflowing with stuffed animals. Although we appreciated the generosity, all donated stuffed animals need to be brand new and fit into a gallon size sealed food storage bag. More information

Watch Program

West Jordan’s Neighborhood Watch program has historically had some of the most active coordinators in the area. This program offers neighbors a great way to get to know each other along with learning how to become the eyes and ears for the police department. You and your neighbors will receive training on how to get your NHW program up and running along with Home and Personal Safety training. If you are an organized Neighborhood Watch group, you are NOT required to set up a Mobile Patrol; it is optional and requires additional training. Neighborhood Watch Mobile Patrol is also available for organized and qualifying neighborhoods.
Neighborhood Watch Brochure

National Night Out Against Crime
National Night Out Against Crime is held yearly on the first Tuesday of August throughout the City of West Jordan and is a great way to give “Crime a Going Away Party!” Neighborhoods are encouraged to come together and hold Block Parties. The Block Parties are visited by City Council members who are riding with West Jordan Police Officers.
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Graffiti has become a problem for residents, businesses and the general public all along the Wasatch Front. It is an eyesore and if not removed, it spreads rapidly through a community. The removal of graffiti discourages its use. Residents need to report graffiti to the police department as soon as it appears. Call the non-emergency dispatch number 801-840-4000. Residents and property owners are responsible to remove graffiti from their property. The Salt Lake County Graffiti Program will provide you with supplies and cleaning tips at no cost to you.

The Salt Lake County Graffiti Program can be reached at 801-363-4723.

Graffiti Removal Tips
• Clean new graffiti within 24 hours of discovery.
• Be prepared to increase your efforts during warm months.
• Be persistent! Continue to remove or cover reoccurring graffiti until the vandals get tired and give up.
• If you're concerned for your personal safety, request a uniformed police officer to accompany your cleanup effort in a marked vehicle.
• Use common sense. Minimize the chance of injuries by only removing graffiti where it is easily accessible, and be aware of road hazard.

Gun Locks
The Police Department has free gun locks available to the public. Stop by the West Jordan Justice Center 8040 South Redwood Road, to pick up or call the Crime Prevention Unit.

Personal Safety Classes
The Crime Prevention Unit also offers many varied classes on personal safety that can be taught to youth groups, young men and young women groups, as well a personal safety for women. The crime prevention unit feels that education is the best way to protect ourselves and others. We would be happy to schedule a meeting for your group.

Good Landlord Program
Rental properties located within the City of West Jordan are now required to have a business license pursuant to city ordinance. For information regarding the Good Landlord Program including applications and frequently asked questions please click here.

Security Checks
Is your home or business an easy target for crime? West Jordan Crime Prevention Specialists and officers are available to walk through your home or business to make suggestions of how to make your property more secure and less vulnerable to crime.

Senior Safety Programs
Seniors are more vulnerable to certain crimes like fraud, Internet crimes, purse snatching, and mugging. But, you can reduce opportunities for criminals to strike by being careful, alert and a good neighbor.

Boy Scout Merit Badges
We would be happy to set up a training meeting with your scouts group to help pass off the Crime Prevention and Fingerprinting merit badges. Along with the merit badges, the Crime Prevention Unit also provides tours of the police department.

Police Department Tour
The Crime Prevention Unit provides tours of the police department. If you are interested in scheduling a tour please contact Christie Jacobs at 801-256-2032 or Barbara Tatangelo at 801-256-2033. Please call two to three weeks in advance.

Vehicle Days
The West Jordan Crime Prevention Unit works with the local elementary schools in bringing out the Police Departments Command Center. At these events the students are given a tour of the command center and its uses.

Bicycle Licensing and Safety
West Jordan Crime Prevention Unit has FREE bicycle licenses available to its residents. Crime Prevention Specialists teach bicycle safety with a full-scale bicycle course designed to teach kids to ride safely and to always wear a helmet.

Kids in Charge
Kids in Charge is a home alone safety program for children ages 8 to 13. Although we do not advocate that children be left at home alone, the reality is that many are from time to time. Families are encouraged to talk about rules and consequences in their home and to develop phone lists of responsible people who can be contacted for help including emergency numbers.

Video/DVD Training Library
The West Jordan Crime Prevention Unit has several VHS and DVD training videos that are available for check out.

Utah Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run and Tip-A-Cop
West Jordan Police Department is proud to participate yearly with the Law Enforcement Torch Run. This is a fund raising event that benefits Special Olympics Utah. So, if you and your family out dining and you see your local law enforcement SERVING you, this event is known as Tip-A-Cop and all monies raised help support Utah’s special Olympian. If you'd like further information or you’d like to donate please call Christie Jacobs at 801-256-2032 or Barbara Tatangelo at 801-256-2033.

Child I.D. Kits are available from West Jordan Police Department. Parents are encouraged to keep identifying information about each child on file at home.

If you are interested in finding out what the stats are for any particular area of the City of West Jordan, you may contact the Crime Prevention unit. The Crime Prevention Specialist will check the stats for the area. This is helpful if you are a neighborhood watch coordinator and you are preparing a newsletter for your neighborhood, or if you were interested in purchasing a home in any given area and you would like to find out what the statistics are for the area in question. The crime prevention specialist will explain how the statistics are gathered and reported.
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