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Airport service in West Jordan
  Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assembly
  A Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assembly (P.V.B.) protects against backsiphonage only, and are ineffective against backpressure. Being spring loaded they can be installed on the pressure side of a shutoff valve. They must be installed 12" above all downstream piping and sprinkler heads.

This backflow prevention assembly is used to protect against pollutants or contaminants.

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The PVB should be installed as follows:

  1. The assembly is not to be installed in a pit or in a location where any part of the assembly could become submerged in standing water.
  2. Install upstream of the sprinkler zone valves
  3. Install a minimum of 12 inches above the highest outlet it serves.
  4. Protect the assembly from freezing by properly draining it in the winter months when the system is not in use.
  5. Install in an accessible location for servicing and inspection "which is to be done yearly by a state certified tester."
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