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  Supporting Documents
  Landscape Guidelines Handbook
Landscape Guideline Handbook is a supplemental tool meant to be used in conjunction with all landscape and irrigation codes and standards.  The handbook includes preferred irrigation standard, approved street tree and recommended water wise plant lists, and required worksheet.


Design Guidelines Manual 2009

City of West Jordan Recommended Plant List 

Parks, Recreation, Trails and Open Space Handbook

Drainage Report
The Drainage Report identifies what drainage components will be included with your Preliminary and Final plan submittal.

State of Utah/EPA SWPPP
Along with West Jordan City Drainage Report the State of Utah/EPA Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) may be required.

Geotechnical Report Requirements
The consultant will present his/her opinions and recommendations in a formal report, complete with logs of the explorations and laboratory test results.  

Public Improvement Guarantee (Bond) Posting
Where public improvements or non-public improvements with areas of common ownership are to be constructed as a condition of development or approval an improvement guarantee shall be provided. The guarantee shall be in a legal form approved by the city attorney.

Public Improvement Construction and Guarantee Agreement

Public Improvement Guarantee Release (Bond Reduction)
Bond reduction are given once a month on seven "system by system" basis to ensure the quality of the end product and speed up the acceptance process.

Culinary water
Sanitary sewer
Storm sewer
Street improvements
Finish items
Other categories as approved by the city engineer

Restoration and Revegetation Bond 2013 

Temporary Use Permit

Temporary Sign Permit

Sign Change of Copy

Variance Request

Traffic Impact Studies Guidelines 






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