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  The New Automobile Dealership Act of 1991 is especially detrimental to cities in fast growing areas of the state. The sales tax on the purchase of a new car is substantial, but there is also the continued sales tax generated from auto maintenance and upkeep. Of those who purchase a new car from a dealership, a substantial number will return to that dealership over and over again for routine service and maintenance. Cities without car dealerships suffer a huge loss of potential tax revenue that they depend on to provide public services like police, fire, roads, parks, and more.

Residents are also forced to drive many extra miles round trip just to service their vehicle. That seems not only unfair, but ludicrous, especially in a state where air quality is at the forefront of our public discussion.

When you start to look at all the unnecessary harm caused by this unfair state law, it’s easy to see that Utahns are being taken for a ride.

How can you help? Get involved. Call or email the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and your state legislators today.

Ask them to support HB290 with changes to reduce the radius to 5-miles – without requiring approval from anyone!

Let’s unite and tell our legislators to make this right.

Contact Information

Senator Wayne Harper: Senate Distinct 6; Phone: 801-566-5466, Email:
Senator Aaron Osmond: Senate District 10; Phone: 801-888-8742, Email:
Senator Daniel Thatcher: Senate District 12; Phone: 801-759-4746, Email:
Representative Eric Hutchings: House District 38; Phone: 801-963-2639, Email:
Representative Kim Coleman: House District 42; Phone: 801-890-4675, Email:
Representative Earl Tanner: House District 43; Phone: 801-792-2156, Email:
Representative Ken Ivory: House District 47; Phone: 801-694-8380, Email:

Not sure who your Legislators are? Visit
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