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Welcome to West Jordan... home of the good neighbor
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West Jordan City Hall
  The City of West Jordan strives to be open and transparent and encourages citizen input. Below are links that provide a look into how the city is governed and financed. The city website provides an in-depth look at the city's operations. If there is something that you can't find, please email or call 801-569-5100.

The City of West Jordan uses a "performance-based program and accountability" budget. For each of the city's programs, the budget book includes details on the program's purpose, goals, outcomes and the costs associated with the program. The website also includes the proposed budget book because it includes additional information that is not included in the final budget book. The website also includes budgets from prior years so that you can track trends.

Open Meeting Laws
The City Clerk's office is responsible for City records, attending City Council meetings, preparation of City Council agendas, taking and transcribing minutes of Council meetings, follow-up of Council actions, publishing legal notices, conducting bid openings, administering oaths of office, administering election laws and procedures of Municipal and Special elections, and all phases of management of City records including filing, indexing, imaging and storing. The City also provides an online interactive agenda so that input can be collected without requiring attendance at a City Council meeting.
Agendas & Meetings

Elected Officials
The City of West Jordan operates under the Council/Manager form of government, the most popular structure of U.S. government organization. Under this form, the elected City Council Members are responsible for setting policy, passing ordinances, fiscal oversight, and providing direction.
Elected Officials

City Officials
The City Manager runs the day-to-day operations of the city and carries out City Council direction. The City Manager has different department heads who are responsible for the following:    

Building Permits & Zoning
Building permits and zoning are two functions of the Development Department. Permitting ensures projects are completed with the publics' safety in mind. Zoning helps guide development and provides for guidelines so that the city's many different zones can thrive and exist in harmony.
Building Permits & Zoning

Each year the city's financials undergo an extensive audit. A letter summarizing the findings is included in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

Bid Results


The City contracts with two lobbyists. RRJ Consulting will represent the City's interest in transportation and infrastructure projects. Foxley and Pignanelli will advocate the City's interests in amending the state statute regarding the establishment of auto dealerships.The city is a member of the Utah League of Cities and Towns as well as the Council of Governments. Lobbying

Public Records
To submit a records request, simply fill out a GRAMA request or contact the Clerk's Office at 801-569-5115.

City services are funded primarily through tax revenue. Taxation

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