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  Fire Investigation
  The purpose of the West Jordan Fire Investigations Team is to conduct post-fire inquiries into the origin and cause of fires within our jurisdiction.

The scope of our typical fire investigation includes matters relevant to our general public’s safety and to determine whether or not a fire-related crime has been committed.

Fire/Arson investigation involves a systematic process of interviewing, forensic fire scene examination, and document reviews as part of determining and understanding the circumstances surrounding the ignition and growth of a fire. Many of the fires we investigate are accidental fires in which appliances or equipment have failed, or a simple human error has set events in motion resulting in a fire.

In accidental fire cases, we try to determine the events and circumstances that led to the fire, so we can inform the property owner and the general public how to avoid such events in the future.  Also, fire investigations sometimes uncover ways that fires are accidentally started that we were unaware of before. Fire investigations are also used in this way for the development and revision of fire codes to keep the general public safer.

In criminal fire cases, we attempt to determine the way the fire was set and identify the person(s) responsible for setting it. Our fire investigators are certified fire investigators who are also law enforcement trained and certified, to meet the qualifications of their assignments. We work together with the Police Department to manage fire-related criminal cases, and human death investigations involving the use of fire and/or explosives.

If you would like more information about our fire investigations team, or need to speak with someone about an open case, please contact:

Fire Station #53 
7602 S. Jordan Landing Blvd.
West Jordan, Utah 84084 

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