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Local Emergency Planning Committee

Following the approval of the State Emergency Response Commission, we have now formed the West Jordan Local Emergency Planning Committee or “West Jordan LEPC." The mission of the West Jordan LEPC is to fulfill the federal requirements for chemical reporting and emergency planning as specified in federal law 42 USC Chapter 116, the Community Right-to-Know Act.


Monthly Meeting
December 8,2016
(Typically the f
irst Thursday of each month)

10:00 a.m.

Fire Station 53, 7602 S. Jordan Landing Blvd. (Unless an alternate location is posted.)

Open to the public

LEPC Meeting Minutes

Business representatives and the general public who are interested in emergency planning and emergency preparedness are invited. The meeting is chaired by Deputy Chief Reed G. Scharman, Emergency Program Manager for West Jordan. If you have questions about the meeting please feel free to contact Reed at 801-260-7300.


Tier II Reporting

Businesses operating within the boundaries of the City of West Jordan that have reportable quantities of hazardous materials, as specified by the Environmental Protection Agency reporting lists, will report those quantities to the West Jordan LEPC annually on a Tier II report.


Electronic submittal of Tier II reports is accomplished with the software provided by the Environmental Protection Agency. Send the transmittal to


Here is a link to the reporting software.

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