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Fire hydrants do not have to be fed. I am very self sufficient in this regard. But fire hydrants do have a tendency to suffer from claustrophobia. I need a 3-foot radius space around me free and clear of snow, shrubbery and weeds. Being a fire hydrant is boring, but I have a very important job. I need your help! During the summer, please keep an eye on me so nobody vandalizes me or opens my caps. By doing so, you can ensure I will be able to assist the firefighters when they need me the most! During the winter, please keep the snow below my line of vision, so I can maintain a watchful eye on the neighborhood. This will also help the firefighters find me quickly. As you know, they need my help.

Fire hydrant in a forest To make my job more exciting,
you can paint me any color
you wish as long as you
follow these guidelines:
A woman painting a fire hydrant to look like a dalmation.

  1. Clean me up, which may include some sanding to get me ready to paint.
  2. Please paint me in good taste. I do not want to offend anyone. No camouflage or religious symbols.
  3. I must be seen at night.
  4. Please use the equivalent of Sherwin Williams Industrial Enamel type paint.
  5. Please don't paint me completely. I need to have the threads kept clean so my caps won't stick.
  6. Remember, you can paint me, but you cannot alter my mechanical operations.
  7. Please do not add any special devices to me.

If I should catch a cold and begin to cry or develop a runny nose, call City Hall at (801) 569-5100 as soon as possible, as this may be fatal. (Frozen fire hydrants are of no value to anyone). If you follow these basic guidelines, I will be ready to serve you and the community faithfully in the time of need. For further information, please call the Fire Department at (801) 260-7300. Individuals and/or groups of individuals are encouraged to participate.

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