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  Funding City Services
The City Council is tasked with determining how to fund and prioritize city services like police and fire protection; physical infrastructure including roads, sewer lines, water lines and buildings; and the Information Technology infrastructure essential to all city services. Much of the revenue needed to run the city comes from sales tax and property tax dollars.

In order to fund the proposed City Budget for fiscal year 2012-13, the City Council approved a 17% property tax increase at the Aug. 14 Truth in Taxation hearing. (The last tax increase was in 1988.) The additional revenue will be used primarily to fund additional law enforcement, modernize the city’s information technology infrastructure, fund the vehicle replacement program and repair aging physical infrastructure (water and sewer pipes, buildings and roads).

As a resident of the City of West Jordan, the portion of your property tax passing to the City falls into two categories. The first is General Purpose, which is used for general government operations. The second category is for General Obligation Bonds (approved by citizens in a general election). This portion can only be used to make debt payments on the General Obligation Bond. In fiscal year 2013, the General Obligation Bond payment portion will increase approximately 4.8 percent.

Many people think the entire amount on your property tax bill is collected by the city. In reality, property taxes are allocated to different entities. For example, for each dollar collected, the school district collects $.54, Salt Lake County $.24, the city $.15, and other miscellaneous entities collect $.07. 

If you are interested in learning more or serving on the Citizen Budget Committee, please email Let’s work together to preserve our community's quality of life so that property values stay strong, businesses prosper and families thrive. 

City Budget

Other Taxing Entities
West Jordan is part of Salt Lake County, where the county determines property tax value.  Different municipalities have different property tax rates.
Utah residents are required to have a driver's license to operate a motor vehicle. Vehicles are required to be registered.

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