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This Transportation Master Plan (TMP) contains an analysis of the existing transportation network and conditions. Any major deficiencies are itemized and possible improvement or mitigation alternatives are discussed. An analysis of the future transportation network is also included for the horizon year, 2040. Any major UDOT projects and improvements within the city, such as the Mountain View Corridor, are reflected in this future network. Any deficiencies in the future transportation network that are expected to exist and would not be accommodated by projects that are currently planned will be discussed. A list of recommended improvements and projects will then be given to aid West Jordan in planning for their own future transportation projects as well as in working with other agencies such as UDOT or neighboring cities.


This Transportation Master Plan is intended to be a useful tool to aid West Jordan City in taking a

proactive effort in planning and maintaining the overall transportation network within the city. This plan is an update to the previously adopted transportation master plan prepared by Interplan Co. in 2003 and updated again in 2007. The data in this plan uses the previous plan as a starting position and updates socioeconomic and roadway information based on the latest and best available data from the city and the Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC).

2015 Transportation Master Plan
2006 Transportation Master Plan
2003 Transportation Master Plan
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