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Airport service in West Jordan
  Sanitary Sewer

The West Jordan City wastewater is discharged into the South Valley Water Reclamation Facility (SVWRF), which is a regional wastewater treatment plant located at 7600 S. 1200 West, West Jordan.

The City of West Jordan sanitary sewer system currently serves areas that are experiencing rapid growth. The City studied the existing system and hand to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Evaluate the existing system (2012) to determine capacity
  • Evaluate the build out system to size future lines
  • Evaluate Capital Improvement plan, suggest changes
  • Evaluate current resources the City has for managing, maintaining, and operating the system.
  • The Sanitary Sewer Master Plan is a guidance document and is subject to update or re-evaluation based on new information. Please contact the Utility Planning Division, (801) 569-5070, for specific design information.

Sanitary Sewer Master Plan        

Sanitary Sewer Lateral Information
For information regarding sewer lateral location maps, please visit the City offices at 8000 S. Redwood Rd.



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