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  Land Disturbance
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Download the
Land Disturbance Design and Construction Standards
 (does not include appendices).

Click on the following appendices to download:
Appendix A  Standard Drawings
        Appendix B  Construction Specifications
        Appendix C  Title 81-Land Disturbance Ordinance
        Appendix D  Title 89, Chapter 4, Part 5 - Hillside Development Overlay Zone
        Appendix E  Title 90, Chapter 4, Stormwater Discharges and Stormwater Quality Management Ordinance (Future)
        Appendix F  Revegetation Agreement(s)
        Appendix G City of West Jordan, Storm Water Management Plan
        Appendix H  Land Disturbance Ordinance Plan Check Checklists
        Appendix I  Land Disturbance Permit Application and Agreement
        Appendix J  Erosion and Sediment Control Plan, Preconstruction Meeting Information
        Appendix K  Land Disturbance Permit, Erosion Sediment Control Plan, Inspection and Maintenance Form
        Appendix L  Mud Tracking/Erosion Control Guidelines for Inspectors
                Photographs of Non-Acceptable Situations

NOTE: All information on these pages is subject to change at any time without notice.  These documents are provided as a general guideline and should be verified with the West Jordan Engineering Department at (801) 569-5070.

These Documents are updates to the City of West Jordan Technical Specifications and Standard Drawings revised April 1989.

The design standards portions of these documents were developed using information from Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, AASHTO, and other surrounding communities. The Standard Plans portions of these documents were developed using standard plans published by the City of West Jordan, APWA, Salt Lake Sewer Improvement District #1, etc. It is the intent of these documents to provide a measure of uniformity between the City of West Jordan and the rest of the Salt Lake Valley while retaining important City standards and plans.

These documents will be revised as needed.

This information is published as a service to the developers, contractors, and design professionals. Please contact the West Jordan City Engineering Department at (801) 569-5070 with any questions.

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