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  Clerks FAQ

Program Description
The City Clerk/Recorder is responsible for the administration of State law regarding all City records, election laws, administering election laws and procedures for Municipal and Special elections. The City Clerk establishes methods of recording and maintaining all original and official records of the City including minutes and historical documents.

At times, there are confusions with the difference between the City Recorder, the County Recorder, and the County Clerk. Because of the confusion, we receive several calls that actually pertain to the County Recorder or the County Clerk, rather than our Department. Here is a list of common questions and the answers:

Question: Where do I find information regarding my property?
Contact the Salt Lake County Recorder's Office at (801) 468-3391 or visit the
Salt Lake County Recorder's website.

Question: Where can I get a marriage license?
Contact the Marriage License Division of the County Clerk at (801) 468-3439 or visit the
Salt Lake County Clerk's website.

Question: Am I registered to vote?
Contact the Elections Division of the County Clerk at (801) 462-3427 or visit the
Salt Lake County Clerk's website.

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