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  Inspections are required at critical points during construction to verify work is being done in accordance with approved plans, codes and laws. Inspection requests must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Inspection reports are left at the job site and are for your records as well as a part of the permanent file for a project. Inspection reports explain any deficiencies in the construction, indicate if a reinspection is needed, and can be a vehicle to clear utilities or provide occupancy to a project. For your information, the following is a guide of inspection requirements and procedures

Required Inspections
  • Footing (before concrete is poured) and set-back (to all property lines)
  • Foundation (before concrete is poured)
  • Bond beams (prior to grout placement)
  • Sewer lateral (line is to be tested)
  • Sub-rough plumbing (with test that meets requirements of the plumbing code)
  • 4-Way; framing, rough electrical, rough plumbing, and rough mechanical (prior to insulation)
  • Insulation (to meet energy code requirements)
  • Gas Meter
  • Flashing and Weather barrier (prior to stucco, siding, or masonry installation)
  • Fire-wall (nailing and taping)
  • Final (all trades including water meter and landscaping)
  • Final lot grading and drainage
  • Special inspections (as required per the IBC)  

Other inspections, while not specifically mentioned above, such as roofing, stucco, brick, concrete, venting, etc. will be performed periodically as needed.

Work shall be ready for inspection when request is made.
To schedule an inspection, call the Inspection Line at 
(801) 569-5055.

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