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The Code Enforcement Division works closely with the Fire Department, Public Works, Building Safety, Planning and Zoning, and City Attorney to bring you a cleaner, safer community, which in turn enhances the quality of life for the citizens and businesses of West Jordan.

The mission of the Code Enforcement Division is to provide quality service through a partnership with the residents and businesses, creating a safe and secure environment for living and working in the city.

The City of West Jordan has adopted city codes (local laws) to keep your neighborhood safer, healthier, quieter and more attractive. The Code Enforcement Division has the primary responsibility for enforcing our city codes and ordinances. Any officer can take a complaint of unsafe conditions or issue citations for violations. The Code Enforcement Division has one administrator, two enforcement officers, and a part-time administrative assistant whose primary task is enforcing health and safety codes and city ordinances.

Ordinances enforced by the Code Enforcement Division include: high grass, weeds, trash and debris accumulation, dismantled or inoperable vehicles, substandard/unsafe housing, sign regulations, and commercial vehicle parking. In addition to responding to complaints, Code Enforcement officers patrol the city and look for violations, assist in coordinating clean-up efforts, and issue notices, warnings, and citations. 

Print out a brochure detailing information about the Code Enforcement Division.

 Example of trash or debris violation.    Example of abandoned or junk vehicles violation.
 Example of trash or debris violation.    Example of abandoned or junk vehicle violation.

 Example of weeds violation.

 Example of a weed violation. Notice the weeds
over 12 inches high along fence line.

Contact Number: 801-256-2107
Code enforcement email:
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