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  Hydrant Meter Rentals
  Where do I go to rent a fire hydrant meter?
Applicants wishing to obtain a hydrant meter permit and meter should go directly to the Public Works building located at 8030 S. 4000 West. Applications are also available at City Hall, 8000 S. Redwood Rd., on the first floor.

How much does the city charge for the fire hydrant meter rental?
A deposit of $1000.00 shall be required to cover any costs resulting from damage to the hydrant meter, its attachments and any other equipment or facilities damaged by the permit holder. The deposit shall be refunded when the hydrant meter is returned in good working condition and payment is made on all outstanding charges or damages. In addition to a deposit fee, a daily/monthly rental fee will be assessed for administrative purposes and a charge for water usage through the meter shall be assessed per 1,000 gallons used. 

See Uniform Schedule of Fees and Service Charges
for all fees. 

Required Inspections
The permit holder will be required to bring the hydrant meter to the Public Works building at 8030 S. 4000 West for quarterly inspections and water meter reads.

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