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  Good Landlord Program Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Who needs to license rental properties with West Jordan City?
            Any owner of a rental dwelling unit.

2.    Are there any exceptions?

Yes, if the owner is renting to an immediate family member a license may not be required. Please contact Roslyn Mackay at 801-569-5135 or if you are renting to an immediate family member. This information needs to be documented.

3.    I have several rental properties in West Jordan; will I need a license for each location?

No, only one license will be issued, but a listing of all rental dwellings owned will be required.

4.    How much does a license cost?

The one-time application fee is $50, the annual license fee is $75, but the disproportionate service fees will vary based on the rental type owned, the number of units owned, and if the property owner participates in the Good Landlord Program (see table below).    

Rental Type

Non-Participating Per Unit Fee

Participating Per Unit Fee

Single Family












5.    How do I license my rental property with West Jordan?

            Complete an application for the rental dwelling business license, pay all fees associated with the application and license, and gain approval from the city. Applications are available at City Hall in the Finance Department or online.

6.    How do I apply?

           Please DO NOT print the application form for submittal. Apply electronically for the Rental Dwelling License and/or Good Landlord Program by downloading the application, filling it out on your computer, and emailing it to  Kiosks are available in the Finance Department at City Hall.  Instructions for how to do this are on the Application page.

7.    When do I have to pay the fees?

            Please DO NOT submit payments until you are invoiced by the City in January.

8.    By what date do I need to obtain a license?
            Invoices for the rental dwelling licenses will go out on January 1st and will be due by January 31st, payments received February 1st or later will be delinquent and will incur late fees.

9.    When should I apply for the license?

You are strongly encouraged to fill out your application for the license and/or the Good Landlord Program as soon as possible. Though invoices won’t be mailed until January, having your information in early ensures that there will be no delays in receiving your license.

When and where are the Landlord Education Classes offered?

Landlord Education Classes are offered by the Utah Apartment Association in cooperation with the City of West Jordan. Information and registration is available by visiting the Utah Apartment Association website at or by calling 801-487-5619.

11.    If I choose to participate, is the landlord training certification free?

            No, the cost is $59 for 8 hours of education. 

12.    What if I already have a commercial business license for rental properties?

If you already have a current valid license, you will not be required to reapply, but the disproportionate service fees will apply. You will still have to apply for the Good Landlord Program. 13.    How will the Good Landlord Program help me?

             Landlords who participate receive large discounts on the disproportionate service fees per unit. By taking advantage of the education offered, and applying the good rental practices required as part of the program, landlords should get better quality tenants, reduce crime occurring on their properties, and increase the safety of the neighborhood. Many participants of the program in other cities have seen higher profits using these proven rental methods.

14.    If I have already taken the landlord training class for my rentals in another city, is that certification valid?

Yes, if it was facilitated by the Utah Apartment Association. Bring in your certification and we will accept it. Some other equivalent education may also be acceptable, that will be up to the discretion of the business licensing authority, and proof will be required.

15.    Will I be required to get an inspection for each unit?
No, if you think you may have code violations, you may request an inspection. Property owners will have 48 hours to correct any violations without any penalty. If you have specific questions about inspections, please call Aaron Serr at 801-569-5033 or Christie Jacobs at 801-569-5032.

16.    How long is the license valid?
The license is valid for one year and must be renewed annually.

17.    Is my license transferrable?

No, if the property comes under new ownership, the new owner must apply for a business license.

18.    How can I contact someone to answer my questions about rental dwelling licensing?

You may contact Roslyn Mackay by phone at 801-569-5135, or by e-mail at

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